Liliana M. Dávalos


I’m interested in the forces shaping biodiversity in time and space. We focus on the evolution of species and trait diversity, and on how to conserve ecosystems today and into the future.

Download: curriculum vitae, articles on deforestation as M.D. Álvarez, hard-to-find publications, and recent presentations. Links: citations, personal page.


  1. Bullet    2016 Consultant for the United Nations World Drug Report thematic chapter on environmental sustainability

  2. Bullet    2016 College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award for outstanding teaching and mentorship in and outside of the classroom

  3. Bullet    2014 Team leader of Dimensions of Biodiversity project for Discovering genomic and developmental mechanisms that underlie sensory innovations critical to adaptive diversification

  4. Bullet    2013 Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow for outstanding early career

  5. Bullet    2012 National Academies of Sciences Education Fellow in the Life Sciences

  6. Bullet    2012 Theme identification panelist for the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)

  7. Bullet    2010 (Jan) Named Professor of the Month, Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners

  8. Bullet    2009 Fifth Early Career Scientists Symposium at the University of Michigan

  9. Bullet    2007-present adviser to the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime

  10. Bullet    Discovered reverse colonization from islands to continent among mammals

  11. Bullet    Pioneered biological surveys in 1998 that led to the declaration of the national park Awka Wasi in the southeastern Andes of Colombia in 2007

  12. Bullet    1998 First modern biologist to survey the Serranía de San Lucas

  13. Bullet    Publishing in, among other outstanding journals, Biological Reviews, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science and Technology, Evolution, Genomics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Science, and Systematic Biology

  14. Bullet    Research featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Le Figaro, The Guardian, Sueddeutsche, Nature, Science, National Geographic, Scientific AmericanThe Scientist, Discovery News, The Ecologist, Reuters, and Mongabay, among many more

  15. Bullet    Funded by the National Science Foundation, Explorers’ Club, FAHSS,  and the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Postdoctoral research

Postdoctoral    2004-2005    University of Arizona, Ochman Lab

Postdoctoral    2005-2006    American Museum of Natural History, Perkins Lab


PhD    2001-2004    Columbia University, NSF-DDIG: Historical biogeography of the Antilles: Earth history and phylogenetics of endemic Chiropteran taxa

Certificate in Environmental Policy Studies    1998-2001 Columbia University, Access to genetic resources under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

MA    1998-2000    Columbia University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BSc     1991-1997    Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia), Thesis: Molecular markers associated to resistance to the Hoja Blanca virus (HBV) in rice (Oryza sativa, L)